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Full Version: Theme Park Studio - February and March Updates
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[Image: Theme_Park_Studio_Logo_Square.jpg]

Theme Park Studio shared some more news and screenshots covering development during February and March! The updates are as follows:

February 2013

Quote:Theme Park Studio is excited to share details about our Animation Module, showing off how players can make custom flat rides within the game! The video below will take you through the process on how a flat ride is created.

Please note that this is one of the "advanced features" of the game, and you can always build your park using pre-built flat rides. That being said, we think this is something completely revolutionary and has never been done in any theme park simulation game before. The ability to create a ride using basic shapes or custom meshes, then give it animation using a built in keyframer and physics, is unique to Theme Park Studio. This will allow the members of our community to create an unlimited variety of new rides!

Animation 1 & 2 - Shots of the animation module, which players can create a ride using basic shapes or custom meshes, then give it animation using a built in keyframer and physics.

[Image: animation1.png]

[Image: animation2.png]

Frisbee 1 & 2 - A model of a Huss Frisbee that will be included in the game. Theme Park Studio will have several flat rides available, so if players prefer to build a park using pre-existing flat rides, rather than building them from scratch, that is also possible.

[Image: frisbee1.jpg]

[Image: frisbee2.jpg]

Top Spin 1, 2, & 3 - A Huss Top Spin - Brand new, never before released screen shots of a new flat ride!

[Image: topspin1.jpg]

[Image: topspin2.jpg]

[Image: topspin3.jpg]

Teaser - A work-in-progress screenshot of another new flat ride! Any guesses as to what this might be?

[Image: teaser.jpg]

Video: Shows off how a player can create a Huss Frisbee in the game using simple shapes, imported meshes, and applying physics and animation. The amount of rides and designs that can be created in Theme Park Studio is unlimited.

March 2013: Mondial Top Scan!

Another fantastic flat ride! Screenshots and videos of the Mondial Top Scan:

[Image: topscan1.jpg]

[Image: topscan2.jpg]

[Image: topscan3.jpg]

[Image: topscan4.jpg]

Keep up with Theme Park Studio!

Theme Park Studio will be released summer 2013, and players will be able to "create anything and share everything!" Theme Park Studio will be fully customizable, and players will be able to build amazing looking theme parks, custom flat rides, and insane roller coasters!

If you'd like to stay on top of what's going on with Theme Park Studio, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter or visit their website:

I wonder how I'll convince my parents to buy this for me.
UPDATE: Never mind...
Looks amazing! Smile
this game looks so good im so excited i just hope it wont be too complex and complicated
All I see whenever I read something about this game is coasters and rides and theme park simming is much more than that. All these previews and I never see any guests, always see the same trees and flowers, don't know if there will be a zoo or pools, have no idea what the stalls will look like, what the staff will look like, never see anything about maximum park map size, maximum file size and what the system requirements are.
i agree with you i am more likely to create dark rides then roller coasters and i want to be able to do it easier then rct3 therefore creating custom scenary could be an in game option and you can creat whatevr you want using shapes etc etc
I wish creating CS for RCT3 was much easier. Biggrin
(Apr 4, 2013, 09:53 PM)alexwohlbruck Wrote: [ -> ]I wonder how I'll convince my parents to buy this for me.

Maybe you could show them the link to the kickstarter page and show them the Rewards section where they give you extras if you make a pledge... Maybe for $50 (i think) they give you early beta access to the game if i remember correctly and they send you digital and boxed version of the game when it comes out. It's still pretty expensive but i think it's way more worth it than just buying it when it goes public

Does anybody know of any videos of any rides in Theme Park Studio that demonstrate what the rides actually sound like? Because this is a major dealbreaker (i really don't want to start getting all negative, but i think it needs to be said).

Remember ThrillVille Off The Rails? The entirety of a rollercoaster had just one smooth looped sound, there was no audible change when the coaster went up or down tilted or twisted or anything like that. I hope you know what I mean... Like, it was just the same sound through out the whole ride like "whhoooooooooosh" or something, but in rct3 it actually sounds like a real ride, like (lol) "whoosh whoooooooooooooooshhhhhh" etc (ok i'll stop, this is getting embarrassing :P).

(Apr 23, 2013, 11:15 AM)RCTgoMatthew Wrote: [ -> ]I wish creating CS for RCT3 was much easier. Biggrin

Yes! And I also wish that placing Trees wasn't so tedius in RCT3!!!

And it's really hard too, 'cause when you're placing trees, you want it to look somewhat realistic, and not just a "row" of trees here and there, so once you've placed lots of trees, you sometimes have to delete many, and replace them in slightly different locations. There should be something like a randomized brush tool that "paints" trees while you hold down the mouse button and move the mouse around - and there could be options too like changing the pattern of the trees as to make them more spread apart or more closer to each other.

It's a bit too manual in rct3...
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