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Full Version: On RCT3 CS Import
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Would it be possible to convert RCT3 Custom Scenery to Theme Park Studio?

Thanks! nerdygeekrct
While I frequently read conflicting information on what we can expect from TPS, one item I read (not on this site) indicated we’ll be able to "import scenery" and that's all it said. Whether they meant RCT3 scenery or scenery files from a 3-D application was left up to the reader to interpret. However you might want to view this post in response to my query previous to that post:


That post and my others in that thread indicate I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen of TPS so far. There is simply too much information I’m not getting and every time I see a video on TPS it involves a ride. We’re that close to a summer release and we’re also supposed to believe they have no idea at this time what the system requirements will be?!! While they might at this time believe a summer release is possible I think we’re either in for a summer release date introducing a lame TPS with expansions to come - something we've already been promised will not happen, or a release date that’s been seriously put off while they continue developing this game to a point where they’ve hit it.

This post illustrates my idea of a perfect park.


I will admit though that for the next ten years that might be a bit much to expect from a PC game but in order for me to switch TPS needs to take me closer to that than RCT3, in addition to which I would much rather play an RCT4 wannabe if it's simply a retread of RCT3 and I can use all my existing RCT stuff (or convert it) into this new arrival, and that means all rides and coasters, all scenery and structures. There is just no way I’m going to leave tons of painstakingly collected and lovingly created old familiar stuff behind in order to get TPS simply because TPS is new.
Actually it is 'Hyper Rails' and 'Oasis' our console/pc graphics engine merged together. Our tech is something we built up over the years, currently in use in both the video game and the serious games industry.
I'm sorry I must have missed something ..... who is "we" and what is "our?"
Is custom scenery objects allowed in TPS?