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Full Version: When will Theme Park Studio be released? ;-(
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I'm so excited and want to play it RIGHT NOW. And I'm usually the patient type who doesn't mind waiting 9 years. But since it's been that long since the last descent RC game... Does anybody know? Or have they given any mention of it somewhere or hinted at an estimated release date?
I think they said this summer, I don't know an actual date though :\
They probably are not gonna have a release date because they are a smaller company and they are probably trying to make it as best as possible instead of finishing everything on time and it doesn't turn out as well as it could of like what these bigger companies do. I mean they could have a release date and delay it, but that's what I think.
Yea I don't think theme park studio isn't coming out this year or anytime soon.I think they going to sell what they have to a bigger gaming company..It the best thing they could do and also it's very hard to run a game studio that not making enough proved to even Finnish a project.
I doubt it will be anytime soon, they're only a small company so will try to complete the game before releasing it unlike other company's, not mentioning any names here *Cough* EA *Cough*. Hopefully it will be worth the wait though. :P
EA isn't a small company. Wink
I think he was saying that companies like EA should finish the game before they release it, instead of releasing it on the specific date.
It depends on what you read. I've read summer release and later the same day have read about a fall release. I've also read it's only going to be available as a download and later have read somewhere else it's also going to be available on CD. I don't think they're sure themselves what they're going to do or when they're going to do it. So far I'm not impressed and am not anticipating Theme Park Studio will take us much farther than RCT3 already can.
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