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Full Version: Support Theme Park Studio on Kickstarter!
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[Image: Theme_Park_Studio_Logo_small_er.jpg]

With only 12 days left, Theme Park Studio is only just over halfway to its fundraising goal. Without your help, Theme Park Studio may not be able to finish development. With all the excitement behind Theme Park Studio, it would be a shame to see the project fail because of a lack of initial support.

Theme Park Studio on Kickstarter

Recent developments have included a wooden roller coaster, a Mack launched coaster, B&M inverted coaster, an Intamin hyper train coaster, front entrance scenery, and a western-themed scenery set. You can see screenshots of these below!

[Image: render02_small.jpg]

[Image: final2_small.jpg]

[Image: ModularEntrance_01_small.jpg]

[Image: Saloon%202_small.jpg]

[Image: render02_small.jpg]

[Image: ThemeParkStudioScreen_4_small.jpg]

Once again: If you haven't done so already, back Theme Park Studio on Kickstarter. Your support is the only way to ensure Theme Park Studio will succeed.

Be sure to also like Theme Park Studio on Facebook and follow @ThemeParkStudio on Twitter.
Do you know a price range there will be?
OMFG that is the best model of an invert car I have ever seen. But now that Matthew has reminded me about the price I'm worried.
If you back Theme Park Studio on Kickstarter, you can get a digital copy for $20. I believe this is an exclusive offer for the Kickstarter fundraising - it will cost more in the future. (A benefit to backing Theme Park Studio now Wink)