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Full Version: Update: In-game Path Layout and Object Placement Tools
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[Image: Theme_Park_Studio_Logo_Square_small.jpg]

With less than a week left in Kickstarter funding, Theme Park Studio has given us another update on its progress. The latest update gives screenshots of the in-game path layout and object placement tools, giving an inside look on what Theme Park Studio will actually look like.

Be sure to back Theme Park Studio on Kickstarter if you haven't done so already!

[Image: test3a_small.jpg]

[Image: test4a_small.jpg]

[Image: test9a_small.jpg]

[Image: test10a_small.jpg]
Curved paths?
This is unknown to all rct3 players! lol
Curved paths and diagonal paths are great - if the guests can walk in curves and diagonals. Can they walk in curves and diagonals and what do the guests and staff look like?
OMG!!! I'm getting all jittery!! I can't wait to get my hands on that!!! Imagine curved paths!!! But I do hope they can walk in curves and diagonals like FlightToAtlantis said.
I wish RCT3 could be like that. Smile
finally nice paths! cant wait
(May 13, 2013, 10:39 AM)rccoa coasters Wrote: [ -> ]Curved paths?
This is unknown to all rct3 players! lol

Lol yeah right.

[Image: r8abwcp.jpg]
Guys check this new update video out!! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1011...sts/484462
(May 13, 2013, 05:47 PM)alexwohlbruck Wrote: [ -> ]..... Lol yeah right.

I think what Matthew was suggesting that although it's possible to have curved and diagonal paths in RCT3 the guests still walk towards north or south and towards east or west. So while you have curves in your illustration the guests still don't appear to be using your paths naturally. Guests that can walk in curves and diagonals according to the paths on which they find themselves, and who can walk in this way while travelling along the path, would be the next step.

Also I find in RCT3 that where there are huge plazas more than one tile wide, or on the swimming pool decking the guests won't all walk naturally over the entire area at random but almost all the guests will choose particular tiles to walk on which gives the effect of an ant queue. Having said that, in huge plazas more than one tile wide or on the swimming pool decking those are the only times I have observed guests walking in diagonal formation (not towards north or south or towards east or west), but again it doesn’t look natural, just like diagonal ant queues.

By the way Alex the scenery around your water body looks very natural with the rock formations.

(May 18, 2013, 07:27 AM)Riiickerttt Wrote: [ -> ]Guys check this new update video out!! …..

I looked at the video. The guests look natural and they move naturally along the paths – in curves along with the path curve! It appears the paths can be easily placed, placement can be adjusted or fine tuned while placing, scenery can be placed along with the path while building paths, buildings go up the same they do as in RCT3, and trees can be scaled before placing. H-mm.

The only thing I’m not happy with is in the video the trees lash back and forth as if they’re made of elastic but I’d like to think this movement can be adjusted.

Now if we can only see what the staff look like, what the animals look like, how big a park can be made, if RCT3 tracks & scenery can be imported, and what system specs are required to run ThemePark Studio.

I gotta tell you though ….. I’m closer to being impressed now than I was five minutes ago.
I am wondering how the paths will work on hilly terrain. Will the paths automatically make stairs when needed? I would like to see how terrain is adjusted if that can be done.
On the video it looks like the builder is avoiding hills like there is plutonium up there.
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