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Stealth- - Viscosity86 - Jul 4, 2009

Finally I shall put up Stealth, a high speed B&M with multi inversions. Currently on Youtube Here. Enjoy and thank Coasterfreak900 for the filming of this.


I will put it up for download as soon as I figure out where...

RE: Stealth- - Justin - Jul 4, 2009

Very nice. Smile A few parts that could have been a bit smoother, but overall, very nice job. :thumbup:

(By the way... you can upload it here at RCTgo. Just select "Roller coaster" for the download type and "NoLimits" for the game needed.)

RE: Stealth- - Viscosity86 - Jul 4, 2009

Yeah that was a real early creation, this next one I am currently finishing up has been 6 weeks in development, not all that great, but its smoother and different. I will upload it there.

RE: Stealth- - coasterfreak900 - Jul 4, 2009

Once again, good job. I liked this coaster a lot when i first took a look at it.