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Scrapyard - Blu - Dec 23, 2014

Scrap Yard

A place to show off your unfinished and forgotten creations!
I don't know about you guys but I have made tons of parks and rides that I either didn't feel like finishing or didn't end up liking that much. I thought they deserve a little attention, so I decided to make a scrap yard where you can shed some light on all your abandoned projects.

RE: Scrapyard - SUPER MOOSE93 - Dec 23, 2014

ohh god. i have started so many projects and just left them before they even got started properly. i only have pictures for a few of them but i have had quite a few that never even got a look in.

Kodama - this was supposed to be an asian themed coaster. i did eventually declare the project finished after getting sick of working on it for so long. the end result was nothing like what i imagined... the only asian bit was the station design and the foliage was shocking. i may do a remake of this or start another asian inspired project in the future


Cthulhu - this one was supposed to be a coaster over the sea, accessed via a pier. i got all the track and supports done, but like many of my other projects it died when it came to doing scenery. i came back to this many times in hopes of getting into a good flow and knocking off some of the scenery but it never happened. i eventually lost this save when my laptop kicked the bucket.


Double Coaster - i actually wanted to finish this one. i got all the support work done and the scenery started.... then my laptop crapped out, another victim of old and mistreated technology. this thing didnt even get a real name, i feel sorry for it.


4D coaster - i didnt even get anywhere with this one before losing the save file. i got the track done and that was it, probably going to go back to a 4D coaster in the future.


I am tempted to put 'dragonfly' on this list but i havent given up hope on it yet. i didnt have a clear idea going into the project and i still dont have one now. it could be a pretty awesome project if i do it properly, that is why i havent given up on it yet.

and finally, we come to my dueling coaster. this was a pretty recent idea that didnt end so well. after fooling around with 2 tracks for a day or two getting a good layout and good passes..... i saved over my file with a different project.

RE: Scrapyard - Rudy18 - Dec 23, 2014

Oh boy the perfect thread for me... Smile I must have at least 20 abandoned projects if not much more

RE: Scrapyard - Blu - Dec 28, 2014

If you've been here a while you have probably seen this before. Rocky River is the only park I publicly posted on the forums and I didn't really know what I was doing (seriously).

This was the majority of the park, with the entrance, the bridge, ferris wheel, train, and a coaster.

[Image: EjC8Zrr.png]

I used to have a pirate ship ride and a small extension of the train track and pathway. I think I didn't save it or something because it's not there anymore.

[Image: 90KK8lj.png]

Here was the coaster. Nothing much, basically a copy of Carolina Goldrusher from Carowinds.

[Image: r3WI125.png]

Here's another park entrance that I actually liked. I decided not to finish it because I got extremely bored of creating all those buildings, even though they looked neat. There would have been ticket booths in the front, with the turnstiles under that long roof in the middle. There is a pick-nick area that goes to the season pass center. On the right is a ton of buildings that were probably shops of some sort.

[Image: 5FAcmvt.png]

Here are the fancy buildings.

[Image: 25OntSc.png]

There's a bridge going over the river that leads to the actual park (which doesn't exist).

[Image: vhiQ25v.png]

RE: Scrapyard - Blu - Jan 3, 2015

Here we have one of my favorite rides. I tend to over do it quite a lot, which is why it takes me so long to make things. This little kiddie coaster basically turned into a whole kiddie park, until my game decided to stop loading the park. I do have an older file that I can still use, but half of the things are missing. It's called Waterbug, and all I needed to do was finish the surroundings and background and I would be ready to make a video. I suppose I could restart and finish this one up, eh?

[Image: PP7w7Ne.png]

[Image: LCVytBa.png]

One of the rides across the pathway, I actually really liked this. Unfortunately it became a victim of the stupid error that comes around 80% of the "Post-Activate" section of the loading sequence.

[Image: Fo1bgev.png]

This is just another attempt at a new park. I put a monorail station on the second floor of the entrance building. It was pretty cool but I didn't know where to go after that.

[Image: n8gw5Tz.png]

[Image: gKCSFxq.png]

[Image: IiK9q6c.png]

[Image: EhLU2vg.png]

This one's from a while ago. As soon as I found out about the PEP add-ons, I went and built this atlantis themed ride, "Son of Neptune" (I know it's a lame name, but I made a pretty cool sign). I never finished this because I really had no idea how to cover it or really what else to do at all.

[Image: xToQ9Ho.png]

[Image: yFaQero.png]

[Image: W1Y8EAq.png]

[Image: IKfbSU5.png]

This is the last one I'll post for now. My original intent was to make a regular, average ride and just make it look pretty (Silvarret seems pretty good at it). The ride alone turned out pretty good but everything else was a blow. I think it was the path covers.

[Image: pkILLHz.png]

[Image: vTD8xD9.png]

[Image: s10zrjX.png]

RE: Scrapyard - aecrouch2016 - Jan 4, 2015

I can relate to starting parks and not finishing them. I'm trying to make them a little smaller. I'm starting to learn some of the more advance techniques in RCT3. I like downloading to the site so I have another back up of my work. I'm trying to make the path's a little more interesting. Something other than a square shape, etc. I'm watching tutorials on youtube, etc. I'm practicing making Roller Coasters with custom supports, but haven't gotten to the point where I want to share them yet. My parks are kind of generic right now, but eventually will become better over time. I do have a youtube channel, but nothing is really on it yet. I only have one video. I don't like to show work on youtube, unfinished. I don't want to share it on youtube until I feel like it's ready to. I'll definitely get your opinion's on it before posting to youtube.

RE: Scrapyard - Blu - Jan 17, 2015

Anyone else got something to share?

RE: Scrapyard - nathan8848 - Jan 18, 2015

The Corkscrew looks really good. You should go back to that park.

RE: Scrapyard - Blu - Jan 18, 2015

^Tried to open it but it's corrupt Frown

RE: Scrapyard - TheMaxster - Jan 18, 2015

A lot of these pics look really nice, but all I can focus on is how low the texture settings are. :P