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Blocking people on RCTGO - DonovanRocks101!!!! - Jan 16, 2017


So there is this really annoying person that spams comments  on my park posts and sends me annoying private messages. I've tried reporting his comments but have gotten no feedback from RCTGO whatsoever. Is there anyway I can block him?

RE: Blocking people on RCTGO - ChrisMDB - Jan 16, 2017

Collectively, Terry, Justin and myself do not feel the "spammed comments" are grievous enough to really do anything about, the user seems to really enjoy your content and was eager to play the (fixed) version of a few of your parks. We do see how that could get annoying though.

We [I] were waiting for Justin to look through the PM database (as he is the only one that can) and follow up after seeing what was sent there.

There is an "Ignore List" similar to a buddy list, I've never personally used it so I'm not sure about all of the features it has, but I'm assuming it's what you're looking for.

RE: Blocking people on RCTGO - Justin - Jan 17, 2017

ChrisMDB covered everything.

You can add users to your ignore list under the Your Account section; this will prevent them from sending you PMs and will hide their posts. It does not have any effect on the comments in the downloads section, though.

RE: Blocking people on RCTGO - DonovanRocks101!!!! - Jan 17, 2017

Okay. Thank You! Smile