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Coaster Game Opinions - rccoa coasters - Sep 1, 2017

I didn't really know what to name this thread so that will have to do...

BUT, I had a question to all of you on here.

Everyone on here is a human (except for the occasional spam bot), so we all have a natural bias to certain things. Now what I am about to ask is not to stir up controversy or start a war. But I wanna know from you guys for sake of my improvement (and for the improvement of others who read this, if they have anything to take from this, that is...), when you are voting in Build-It, what coaster game has the coasters that most often appeal to your vote, and why do you tend to lean more towards that game (in basic cases)?

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - BlazingEmpireHD - Sep 1, 2017

I have to say I lean towards RCT2 in most cases, as it is the game I grew up with. However, that never means I will not be fair whenever any other good entry enters and is a dead heat between say, a RCT2 entry, and a 3D entry of some kind.

I try and treat each entry fairly, but generally speaking, if there is a real good RCT2 entry, I will tend to lean towards voting for it.

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - ChrisMDB - Sep 1, 2017

I view most everything from a logical standpoint. As such, I rarely allow myself to judge the entries in the competition based on my personal views, and rather I judge them based on both my collective experience in the genre, "game sense" (knowing how the games work), and common sense. In other words, it doesn't really matter what game the project was made in, I look for which entry is objectively the best present in the round. (if you'd like me to elaborate on this further all you need to do is ask)

The only time I vote based upon my subjective opinion is when there happens to be a tie in quality between two or more entries, and thus the only way to decide is by going off of my personal opinion.

From what I see in the community though, there is still a lingering bias towards 3D projects over those that are 2D. There are many examples scattered across the forums, and I'm not one to name drop, so I suggest you search for the proof if you seek it.

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - Terry Inferno - Sep 2, 2017

There is a difference between leaning towards well-made entries made in certain games and voting for an entry simply because it was made in a specific game. The bias that people have been complaining about recently is the latter.

I use RCT2 far more often than any of the others, so I generally prefer rounds where I get to see at least one high-quality RCT2 entry. Round 270 was Christmas. However, I will only vote for a RCT2 entry if I believe it's the best entry that round. If, after reviewing each entry, I conclude that the RCT3 entry is the best that round, or the NL2 entry or the Planet Coaster entry, I will vote for that one. If there is a tie in quality, I have swung both towards and against RCT2 in the past. 

While those who give feedback in voting threads will generally look at each entry carefully, there is a tendency for silent voters to vote towards 3D entries, namely RCT3 entries, regardless of quality. It has happened several times in the past year that an average RCT3 entry (compared even to other RCT3 entries) has beaten a high-quality RCT2 entry, and it also seems to happen every now and then that a higher-quality RCT2 entry will beat an average or even mediocre RCT3 entry, but only by a few votes. This is mainly what people have been complaining about when they refer to the "3D bias" in Build It.

In the past 20 rounds, RCT3 and other 3D entries have only won because they were the best entry that round, so the bias isn't as influential as it once was.

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - purvisbrad - Sep 2, 2017

I started playing RCT1 when it first came out and was absolutely blown away and quickly became an addict. I literally played everyday for years and had hundreds of saved games. When RCT2 and its expansions came out I again was blown away. Then over time as I got older I stopped playing for a few years, career took over my life. I played around occasionally but lost track of the progress the game was making behind the scenes. RCT3 came out and I didn't even know it. A year or two later someone told me to try it explaining to me all the perks of the game, still I waited. Flash forward to around 2008... A friend gave me RCT3 (Platinum) when he was going through games he no longer played, he's into fps's and rpg's. I took it home and loaded it up. The addiction was back on lol. However, I had no idea the potential. Some time later I searched youtube for tips and that's when I discovered videos that completely overwhelmed me to say the least! I still remember the video that made one of the biggest impacts on me. The Alice and Wonderland ride. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdZxJ2K2GAo  Looking back, it's not the most detailed or "best" by any means, but at the time it was my first view of the potential and my first glimpse of the world of CS. My interest snowballed after that. People like Silvarret, Moby, and even quite a few on this site became who I followed on youtube. 

That said, if you take a step back and look at the entries in build it, it features builds from the whole series including other theme park games as well. After playing RCT1 through to RCT3 I realize each game has its limitations (that's with any game really). So if a RCT2 game is entered it may very well beat an RCT3 entry just based on how well it looks (or cool factor) because of how well it's put together and how much work went into it, taking into account that particular game's limitations. If there were hundreds of entries every round it would be cool if there could be a round for each game, like an RCT2 competition, a RCT3 competition, a NL2 competition, etc. With grouping them altogether it makes the competition somewhat even more interesting because you have to judge the entries based on a knowledge of the limitations to each game. I kinda like that actually. I mostly play RCT3 and enter those in the build it, so I'm going up against entries from the whole genre, and considering my past experience with those other games I know how much work and skill goes into building those as well. At the end of the day, I think some may be biased based on what game they're into, but for the most part I think people are going to vote for what looks awesome to them. 

I for one will say, I have the utmost respect for the entries from the earlier RCT series just based on how much time and creativity they put into their entries. I remember my first hand experience with those games and know it took a lot to pull off what they pulled off with the limitations involved. Some of those entries blew me away just seeing what's possible with those older versions. A good example of this is, Tropicana (the round 270 winner), amazing to say the least! Another great example is, BlazingEmpire's El Grande in the featured downloads section. If I had been shown these when I was playing those versions I wouldn't have believed you could do that with those games! I wish people entering the contest were allowed to vote, I would've voted for Tropicana even though I was entered into that round with an RCT3 entry.

So I feel like it has to do with knowing a little about the games and knowing how they work, including their limitations, and how each voter feels about each entry. Most people will vote on what grabs their attention. I continue to learn every single day that anyone involved with this culture has a love for creativity, and creativity is what wins these competitions. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Smile

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - BlazingEmpireHD - Sep 2, 2017

You provide, honestly, some the best CC I have seen. I agree wholeheartedly! Though, I grew up with RCT1, and then to two, and eventually three, which never did seem to get in to, unfortunately.

I completely agree with you on all other accounts.

Also, El Grande cannot be *that* good. Care to explain?

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - The Coaster Creator - Sep 2, 2017

I look at what's best in a round and I am a whole heartedly Coaster Enthusiast so I base about 60% of my vote is off the layout. The rest is based of scenery and I am not the best at scenery so I try not to hold it to the creator but in a really strong round I will be very strict with it. I don't always vote for 3D because it's not always the best. That's my two cents on this.

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - Ziscor - Sep 2, 2017

I'd be lying if I said I don't have a bias for RCT2. Part of that is due to the fact I've never tried NoLimits 2, Parkitect, or Planet Coaster. I have tried 3, and I particularly don't like it for a variety of reasons. Here is how I plan to deal with this problematic issue (granted, I'm very new to this competition):

I pitch all RCT1/2 entries among themselves, figuring the best one judged by the effort and skill it should take to build it based on my experience with the game; I shall then compare all non-RCT1/2 entries among themselves and come to the conclusion of which "looks" the best. Might not be the best criteria for judging them, but it is the best I can come up with. After this, I'll just put the personal best RCT1/2 entry against the personal best non-RCT1/2 entry.

The RCT3/ NL2/ PC entries might suffer from this method, but I don't really plan on voting in rounds based on purely subjective opinions among entries built in games I don't even know how to build well in.

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - purvisbrad - Sep 2, 2017

(Sep 2, 2017, 07:02 AM)BlazingEmpireHD Wrote: You provide, honestly, some the best CC I have seen. I agree wholeheartedly! Though, I grew up with RCT1, and then to two, and eventually three, which  never did seem to get in to, unfortunately.

I completely agree with you on all other accounts.

Also, El Grande cannot be *that* good. Care to explain?

With El Grande what grabbed my attention was remembering my time playing that version and there not being too many options for scenery, but with your park the way you laid everything out just works and looks great. Honestly it has a very realistic look to it. I felt like you actually planned out where to put stuff to make it as pleasing to eye as possible, hence what I said before about creativity. If you're able to make that park look that realistic, I bet you'd be a force-to-be-reckoned with in RCT3! With El Grande, my favorite part was the station for the white wooden coaster, I like how the roadway travels under it. Let me explain a little. Growing up in Orlando (not sure how many of you have been to O-town) the main highway through the city passes Universal and IOA (Islands of Adventure). Even without visiting the parks you see a lot of it from the road, I always liked that feeling you got from seeing the coasters looming overhead as you passed. With your park it would be like that same feeling only you would literally be passing within feet of a coaster by passing directly under its station. So even people without a ticket could still be near the park just by driving.

RE: Coaster Game Opinions - The Coaster Creator - Sep 2, 2017

That's an interesting perspective I never get that with my home park. I am at Dollywood about every weekend, and driving in you can see nothing of the park or what it has to offer. Actually the first time we went I wondered if we had gotten lost. This is the exact opposite of other places because in Orlando it is Mako and The Incredible Hulk towering over the interstate begging you to ride them. Very interesting point about that and how it works Purvis