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Manhattan Park - Thx1138 - Sep 20, 2017

Hello everyone,

For the last few months I have been working on a build that is supposed to be my version of Central Park with high-rise apartments, restaurants, shops etc.

(I did this same type of build in RCT-2 years ago.)

The idea here is to use as much in-game scenery as possible, those skyscrapers really stack up the files!

This is a test run I stuffed with rides to see how the park fared, how much headroom if any I had before my system locked up... we are topping out at about 3500 guests and are running okay.
[Image: Shot3125.png]
[Image: Shot3086.png]
At first I had some pretty elaborate coasters in place, but I did have to lose a few of them because my system bogged down.

So, I'm trying to do as many easy and "passive" attractions as possible, here we have the custom aquarium, the 9-hole miniature golf course and the hydroponic garden in the lower-left corner...
[Image: Shot3135.png]
On the other side we have a large municipal pool and a park favorite, the lion exhibit, which makes a ton of money for the park, we both charge admission and sell the cubs for big bucks!
[Image: Shot3136.png]
[Image: Shot3147.png]
[Image: Shot3162.png]
[Image: Shot3093.png]
[Image: Shot3163.png]
Overall, I believe I have enough headroom to add quite a few more buildings, so it's back to filling up that skyline!
[Image: Shot3079.png]
[Image: Shot3161.png]
It needs more shrubbery, more attention to all those details, but it's a fair start.
[Image: Shot3168.png]
[Image: Shot3160.png]
Thx Smile

RE: Manhattan Park - Medic375th - Sep 21, 2017

WOW! Looks totally awesome! (Especially the night shots!)
Just curious...what map size did you use?

RE: Manhattan Park - Thx1138 - Sep 21, 2017

Thanks, the park is 100 wide by 150 long if I recall.

I wanted to limit the size to save more processing power for buildings, I still have quite a ways to go to get the density I'm thinking of.

[Image: Shot3169.png]

Instead of just stalls, I wanted there to be regular sit-down restaurants, here are a few...

[Image: Shot3170.png]

They each need signage and more details.

Here is an ice cream parlor from another build, I'm trying to avoid using too much custom scenery, so I might replace this with a much smaller version.

[Image: Shot3172.png]

Here is the interior of a smaller one of similar style I might replace the big one with.

[Image: Shot0914.png]

This is a New York pizza place that still needs some finishing.

[Image: Shot3174.png]

And this burger bar I took from an old build, it does tremendous business!

[Image: Shot3178.png]

Those three towers are from a previous build that is more than 5 years old now.

[Image: Shot3175.png]

Here we have the Central Park Colonial Hotel and also an Egyptian style theater, that I took from another one of my builds, a Hollywood themed park with movie palaces.

[Image: Shot3173.png]

[Image: Shot3177.png]

[Image: Shot3176.png]

Thx Smile

RE: Manhattan Park - BlazingEmpireHD - Sep 21, 2017

Wow - I am very impressed with this project ya have going here! This is one of the types of RCT3 goodness we need to return on this site. I love how each and every building has its own, detailed, lovely character.

This is quite impressive, Thx. I am really excited to see more! Keep it up!

RE: Manhattan Park - The Coaster Creator - Sep 21, 2017

This is awesome. I always thought about doing a city park park, but never did. Keep up the good work.

RE: Manhattan Park - Ziscor - Sep 21, 2017

Quite ambitious. The high-rise buildings look marvelous, especially in the overview night-time shot. I'll be sure to follow progress on this, seems very promising. Keep it up!

RE: Manhattan Park - Lift Hill - Sep 21, 2017

This Is looking great! Love how each building has its own personality! I also love how there is a lot of content but it is not cluttered! Looking forward to seeing more!

RE: Manhattan Park - Thx1138 - Sep 22, 2017

Thank you each for your kind comments, much appreciated! Smile

Btw, you can click on those pics and it takes you to a GREAT image host, (try it, you will LOVE IT!) ) but you can also zoom on the pics for a much larger image, it gives you much more of a sense of being there.

Here are a few more random pics from the park, some taken at that "magic hour," about 7:45 PM when the lights are just starting to come on...

[Image: hhgfds.jpg]

I mentioned the lion exhibit does brisk business, look at that crowd!

[Image: hbgfr.jpg]

[Image: bnghsx.jpg]

[Image: lki.jpg]

[Image: vbght.jpg]

[Image: bghtd.jpg]

[Image: iuyyjhj.jpg]

Thx Smile

RE: Manhattan Park - Medic375th - Sep 23, 2017


[Image: P2Wz2hdh.jpg]

RE: Manhattan Park - Thx1138 - Oct 7, 2017

Hello folks, for the last week I've been puttering around with DasMatze's Office Day custom scenery.

The building was very much copied from this pic I found while browsing one day.

[Image: Office_Dayk.jpg]

And it leads back to this site: http://www.pc-stuff.co.uk/index.htm

So of course I want to thank the original designer and of course DasMatze for the awesome set!

Here is what I have so far.

[Image: nmjjjjjjj.jpg]

I had to improvise this side of the building because I only had the one pic for reference.^

[Image: kjuhngb.jpg]

Still working on that interior!

[Image: llllllkkkkk.jpg]

[Image: bbvhhhhj.jpg]

Just about ready to put it in the park, I've got a great corner picked out already!

[Image: aaaarfdeds.jpg]

[Image: hjkjkljkljl_l.jpg]

Thx Smile