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Yashima - Drop of Doom - RCT D! - Apr 28, 2018


Drop of Doom

[Image: concqg3o.jpg]

In the middle of a little Asian village, Yashima´s big tower seems to rise endlessly into the sky. Once she was one of the most dangerous and powerful pirates of the Asian sea. When she died she took the secret of her treasure into her grave. But she left one message: the person who dares to climb my tower and fling oneself down will be the owner of my treasure if he survived.

Yashima - Drop of Doom is open for public now. But it´s a pre opening. The whole park area will open one month later.

[Image: i9k2byt9.jpg]

[Image: jvaeeomu.jpg]

[Image: 8h33irjd.jpg]

[Image: 6bg6i55n.jpg]

by RCT D!

RE: Yashima - Drop of Doom - The Coaster Creator - Apr 28, 2018

This is amazing!!! What CTR did you use? Where can I get it!!! Whoa

RE: Yashima - Drop of Doom - Elizabeth2017 - Apr 28, 2018

Incredible work as always!

RE: Yashima - Drop of Doom - BlazingEmpireHD - Apr 29, 2018

Stellar work! I love how you make everything here look so effortless. Made like a professional! Incredible work, once more, RCT D!

RE: Yashima - Drop of Doom - Princess Anna Of Arendelle - May 3, 2018

If this were entered in build it, it would win for sure.