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Steel Coaster wip - Elizabeth2017 - Apr 28, 2018

[Image: vlLf8Uj.jpg]

I will be adding more decorations and details around the coaster area. I'm undecided on the color for the track. And the park itself is far from finished. But I wanted to give you an update of what I was currently making in Parkitect Beta 5a. We are getting another update in the next 2 weeks - Beta 6.

RE: Steel Coaster wip - The Coaster Creator - Apr 28, 2018

I like it, maybe a blue and a purple color scheme?

RE: Steel Coaster wip - Elizabeth2017 - Apr 28, 2018

(Apr 28, 2018, 06:38 PM)The Coaster Creator Wrote: I like it,  maybe a blue and a purple color scheme?

Thanks and for the color suggestions. I will try them and see how it looks.

Here is how I made the coaster in Parkitect https://youtu.be/o8JFNbkzTaQ

A helpful guide to make coasters all though it's old still works with Beta 5a
coaster builder. how to
By Park Wizard

Inside the station - I hid the scenery so you could see it. 
[Image: gbbwxpM.jpg]

and here is a different view

[Image: 0FP7Tad.jpg]