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New PC - Rudy18 - Jul 11, 2018

My new PC came in yesterday and I got it all hooked up.

GPU: GTX 1070 Ti Cerberus
CPU: Intel I7 8086k
Ram: 16 GB
Storage: 120 GB SSD, 2TB HHD

Share your rigs here!



RE: New PC - BlazingEmpireHD - Jul 16, 2018

Congratulations! Are you going to get more games for it?

RE: New PC - Rudy18 - Jul 16, 2018

Yeah, Ive been playing Jurassic World Evolution a lot (Another Frontier game), I had originally bought that game on my old pc but it could not run in a playable state at all.

RE: New PC - Windle - Jul 31, 2018

Pretty decent rig, Rudy18. You're playing on a 1080p resolution, right?

RE: New PC - Gamblerino - Nov 13, 2018

Very nice rig, though SSD could be double in terms of space. You've probably tested it thoroughly by now, so how do you like it?

RE: New PC - Rudy18 - Nov 21, 2018

Oh its great, no problems with it so far. A little more space on the SSD would have been nice but i really just use it for the OS. I'm also using a 4k monitor but that's mostly for indie and other games that arent super modern or graphically intensive, i scale back to 1440p for most modern games.

RE: New PC - BlazingEmpireHD - Oct 12, 2019

Huh. Interesting how it happens like this...someone new posts, but only quotes someone else and not actually type anything.