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Never knew this forum existed! - LauraMcP - Aug 10, 2019

Hi all!
I played RCT2 many years ago. I only recently found it on the iPad. Bought it, plus the add-ons.
Have completed all the game scenarios now.
I’ve been trying to research about importing and exporting scenarios and rides. Both for uploading and downloading but I’m getting stuck. Hence I found my way here! (Will ask for help in appropriate thread).
I never thought a forum like this would be active for this game so am very pleased to have found it!
Now I just have to learn how it all works and hopefully get involved!

RE: Never knew this forum existed! - LauraMcP - Aug 13, 2019

This forum looked active at a glance.
Is there anyone here?

RE: Never knew this forum existed! - Terry Inferno - Aug 15, 2019

Certain parts of the forums are more active than others. For some reason, people have been forgetting that this particular section exists--also, it's summer in the northern hemisphere, so many users like myself are out of town--but I assure you that there are still people posting in these forums!

As for the issue regarding importing/exporting using an iPad, you may not have received a reply simply because none of us have any idea as to how to do that either.  blush

I'm glad you found us, and I hope you stick around a while! RCTgo is still alive; it's just in a bit of a latent phase at the moment.

RE: Never knew this forum existed! - LauraMcP - Aug 15, 2019

Ahh that’s good to know Smile
I will be sticking around Smile