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So Excited - bellasunshine - Aug 17, 2019

So excited I found this forum! I've been playing RTC since my dad introduced it to me when I was a teenager. Needless to say, I've been playing for YEARS!

It's awesomesauce to finda place like this. YAYA šŸ˜‚


RE: So Excited - Terry Inferno - Aug 19, 2019

Awesomesauce indeed. Yes, as long as there are RCT players, so shall there exist RCT communities. Luckily this one has stood the test of time, and we always appreciate new members to help keep this place alive and kicking!


RE: So Excited - LauraMcP - Aug 19, 2019

Which RCT do you play? Iā€™m currently on rct2

RE: So Excited - MK98 - Aug 19, 2019

Hey man!
Welcome to the community. Hope you have some fun over here!

RE: So Excited - bellasunshine - Sep 2, 2019

(Aug 19, 2019, 07:38 AM)LauraMcP Wrote: Hi!
Which RCT do you play? Iā€™m currently on rct2

RCTC Mobile. For now it's the only one I can play. I don't have a computer right now, so I can only "get my nerd on" (as my best friend is always saying about me & my love for RCT) through my phone