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Sky Hunters: Mission Three - RCT D! - May 15, 2020

Sky Hunters: Mission Three

Your position: Sky Hunter Base 3.0.
Your mission: As we begin to run out of natural resources our lust for material things has been growing stronger. There are no plants, no trees and no flowers anymore. But in Sky Hunter Base 3.5 there they try to plant the last trees. But the project is in danger. A big Alpha Tech Robot is going to destroy all organic life. Warp to Base 3.5 and help them!

Sky Hunters: Mission Three is a high speed rollercoaster through a modern space scenery. You will enter different planets and spaceships as well as a big futuristic city.

[Image: 4lu8wmc2.jpg]

[Image: 2zc4euut.jpg]

[Image: do4p7y47.jpg]

[Image: 3248m23h.jpg]

[Image: vyct7p8o.jpg]

[Image: qeske37d.jpg]

[Image: plcm9rzi.jpg]

[Image: 75tdi5or.png]

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[Image: wh6t59y6.jpg]

by RCT D!