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Hi and neat trick for mass tree additions. - radrichie61 - May 21, 2020

Good morning! First of all hi all of you RCT enthusiasts. I am of course new here. Cool to see people downloading my Victoria Falls park already! Like probably most of you I have been playing since RCT first came out and a lot right now with Covid quarantine. 

I came up with a neat trick yesterday. On big parks I have always wanted to be able to add mass sets of trees and other scenery at one time, especially trees. So yesterday i thought of this. I went to an older park I had, full of trees and deleted the big coaster near the trees.  I built a wood rollercoaster as small as I could and just flat on the ground and then saved all the scenery around it. I called coaster trees. I now can go and place this small coaster anywhere I want and it brings in all the trees with it. I actually made a couple versions with different sizes of foliage. I am adding it to the coaster platform for your use and as an explanation of what I am talking about.

Be cool, have fun and be safe!

RE: Hi and neat trick for mass tree additions I can up with. - Rct3user20 - May 22, 2020

Welcome to the community.

Can't wait to see your next creations.