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Twice A Noob! - Switched_17 - Oct 3, 2020


I'm Zac, I just got RCT3 on launch for the Nintendo Switch and love it so far. I used to play RCT1 & RCT2 along with RCT3 but it's been close to 15-20 years since I've played. So rusty is an understatement and being on the Switch, there isn't any mods, which I'm okay with but trying to build tunnels, building type stations and realistic coasters is a challenge all over again. Was hoping I could find a tutorials on tunnels and buildings for coasters. Want to build Wild West and Mine type coasters. Just looking for good tutorials on a vanilla game for realistic rides, parks and how the platforms (entrance and exits as well) are made.

RE: Twice A Noob! - Zio Creations - Oct 5, 2020

You can find many different tutorial videos on Youtube. Which will show you how to make park entrance, rollercoaster and building etc.