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Possibly the best NL2 ride ever!


After seeing this I honestly don't think I'll ever vote for a NL entry that lacks scenery again,
everything I'd been told about its limitations is simply wrong.
My challenge to the NL players on RCTgo is to step up your game and try to create rides
that are half the experience as The Flying Dutchman.
Team CoasterTech

I DO NOT believe it's NL2!! It's just WAYYYY too good!!!!!

We'd kill to have this guy on our site, because he's a DANG good creator! Brava, brava, dear soul!
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this is made by some of the best nl2 creators (most likely on NLE) and probably took weeks to create. not to mention the amount of time it takes to make custom objects that actually look good in NL2. tbh i just dont really see anyone doing that here
I'm not expecting anything of this quality - this is a tad bit ridiculous. I'm just saying I expect far more than just scattered trees from now on lol
Team CoasterTech

You realize that these are all custom objects made by people who have way too much time on their hands. These aren't objects that we can just download and are available to us. Rct3 you can just get on csdepot and download whatebver you need. Not so with NL2.

BTW, this is the best nl2 ride ever. It won the nl2 roundup 100.
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Everyone has there own style and skill for the game they love to play. This is truly amazing and yes one of the best coaster's I've seen in NoLimits 2. If you go to the YouTube page it's on, there is a description the creator gives and it might shed some light on what people are commenting about. I agree it's important to add scenery to complete the coaster, but in all fairness we should look at the persons design individually. NoLimits 2 has a very high learning curve and that's the part just to make the coaster. Now there is more custom content being made by different users and you can find a lot of it at the Custom Scenery Depot Webstie Here is the direct link: http://www.customscenerydepot.com/index....ds;cat=166 I think it's important to remember to have fun with the game which ever one you like to play and create with. If you set yourself up so high and you don't make it exactly like these "masters of the game" you kind of start to not have fun with it anymore. That's what happened to me and I got burned out. I decided to just start making parks and rides the way I wanted to and I started having fun and enjoying the things I made again. It's great to get feedback to learn and improve. But it's always in the end what you like to create and what is your dream ride or park. But hey, that's just my opinion. Smile
I'm not saying everything has to be a masterpiece, I'm just expecting more effort in the Build-It! entries.
Team CoasterTech

(Jul 8, 2016, 11:09 AM)ChrisMDB Wrote: I'm not saying everything has to be a masterpiece, I'm just expecting more effort in the Build-It! entries.

I get what you're saying  Smile I know what you said wasn't meant to be mean. I was just making a general comment regarding the topic. So I hope were good.  Smile If I came across any other way it wasn't my intention and I apologize.

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