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Santa's Blitz - Round 254 Winner

[Image: buildit.png]

Round 254 Winner

Congratulations to RealCoasterTrack's Santa's blitz, the latest winner of RCTgo's Build It Competiton! Santa's blitz beat the other three entries with 14 votes and 47% of the vote.

It's a special christmas roller coaster for you guys !


Excitement rating : 5.50 (high)

Intensity rating : 2.07 (low)

Nausea rating : 1.36 (low)

youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T4dZsY8PUQ

Votes cast:
Revolution - 6 votes
The Gingerbread Express - 7 votes
Santa's blitz - 14 votes
Yngvild - 3 votes
Congratulations! Well done on this project. Smile
YAY!!! Another deserved win! Congratulations, RealCoasterTrack!

However, I don't understand how Yngvild got less votes than Revolution, which was not that amazing.
Anyway, let's not go in a long discussion with that, like the old discussions about RCT3 and NL being too popular and overshadowing RCT2 and RCT1.
New serie started
Great job, RealCoasterTrack! Although, I am quite disappointed that Yngvild was beaten by a RCT2 entry.
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
Congrats, RealCoasterTrack, on another win.
Team CoasterTech

Thanks to all !

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