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RCT3 Would anyone be interested in reviving Build It?

Would anyone be interested in reviving the Build It contest? I figure we could do this in the forum by simply setting a deadline for entries and those interested could vote and give CC all through the forum pages etc. Obviously the winner wouldn't be "featured" like in the past but it would still be fun. We could have rct1 entries in one section and rct3 in another or work out all the details beforehand. And maybe, just maybe Justin would reintroduce the Build It contest if enough people are interested. If not that's fine too but it's worth a try. Cheers mates!
Yes! We've talked about this on Discord, I would be in.
I hope the moderation team will bring it back though.
It will be back eventually. It just might not be an instantaneous process.

As we know, Build It was discontinued due to a lack of participants. At the moment, the forum is no more active than it was at the end of Build It, so bringing it back just like that would not necessarily yield better results than the last (incomplete) round that was open for entries. And even if we manage to fill it quickly with entries that people have been saving, the next round will more than likely revert back to the old system of waiting weeks for a round just to fill up. To put that in perspective, when I joined in 2013, rounds would fill up within a few hours, and you just had to be lucky enough to catch that window after the round ended if you wanted to enter.

We can't expect to see 2013 levels of bustling activity, but we do need to see more people posting here to ensure that the rounds will commence without large gaps in between. In other words, we need more than just a handful of active entrants building regularly to keep the contest alive. Luckily, although the forums have hit something of a recession, the Discord server is fairly active, and most of those users still build on a fairly regular basis. Channeling that activity into the site itself would be the key step in bringing Build It back, but again, that isn't going to just happen at the snap of our fingers (it did briefly with RCTgo Rush, but that fizzled out fairly quickly).

If we want to bring the RCTgo Discord users into the forums (most of whom are registered from Rush signups), it may help significantly to introduce smaller contests first with more specific directions to get people used to building and submitting things to RCTgo. Like Rush, they would just be held through the forums, but they would have guidelines to make the creation process less overwhelming than having to come up with something completely from scratch. Then, when we have enough people building and submitting regularly, Build It will have the userbase it needs to make its long-awaited comeback.

Justin could push a couple buttons, and Build It would open for entries again, but for it to have a lasting effect, it's up to the users to cultivate site activity by participating as much as we can and encouraging others to do so as well.
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I play rct2 and I’d be up for this
Well said Terry! I hope it makes a return. When it fizzled out this past time it really bummed me out as this was my creative outlet. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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