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New User, Long Time Player

Hey Everyone!

Like many here, I too have been a player of RCT since it first came out, god that makes me feel hella old. I have recently gotten back into playing. When I downloaded RCT Classic on Steam a few months ago I legit logged over 200 hours in the first two weeks... I just couldn't get enough, those old feelings of playing this game just came back! Now that I'm getting used to playing in OpenRCT2, I am just so thankful that a community like this still exists for such a classic game. I truly am thankful... Being able to download new scenarios, tracks, items, etc... it has all been amazing. It will take me some time to figure everything back out again as I am not the most computer savvy, but I know it'll be easier with a place like this one!

Hope y'all are staying safe and healthy!

Welcome to the cummunity.

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