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NoLimits 2 In the Editor: The Coaster Creators NL2 Build Thread

Hey everyone, I've been posting pictures of my NL2 rides on the discord channel for a while now, but I have decided to move the bulk of that over to the forum.  I will still be posting some pictures on the Discord page, but most of it will be moved over here.

So to start here is the newest project I've begun working on: Top Gun. Yes, it will be themed to the movie.  Right now I have the basics of the layout in.  Parts of it are subject to change, but most of it is locked in.  I am planning on trying to run five trains of two cars each.  I know the trains are small, but for the ride I want, its what needs to be run. Here are some pictures:

[Image: U5iU48i]

This is the dueling launch of the ride.  I was able to get a picture of it working.  I haven't scripted it yet, but it should work so eventually they launch at exactly the same time.

[Image: XeQg3FZ]
[Image: N7RfBpn]

Some various shots of the layout

[Image: Q4TVtgl]
[Image: aE27i1M]

And the main feature of the ride, the Top Gun Chicken Stall.  It takes a little bit of work for it to work out perfect, but when it does, it looks awesome. 

[Image: ZMilHW2]
[Image: dpO5AuY]
[Image: XgvoYC0]

And a few more shots of the layout. 

That's all for this time.  Stay tuned for future updates.
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