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RCT3 RCT3 land height markers?

(Oct 6, 2021, 08:55 PM)jgf Wrote: I'm not aware of such a feature, but have heard there is a way to import RCT2 parks to RCT3, though they will require various amounts of tweaking before being playable.

do you know what the method might be? i cannot find anything that can convert rct2 parks to rct3 format.
also a way to convert the scenery from rct2 to 3 could also work as I'm trying my hand at hand making one of the time twister maps but the custom scenery I have white similar isn't a great fit. if I had the scenery I could just remake the topology myself.

it seems weird to me that RCTvault has all of the maps from RCT1+DLCs, and all from RCT2 (but no DLCs) and i cant even find a real reason to why those two dlcs are missing and hand crafting the map(s) i want is harder without height markers

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