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RCTNF's Collection of Coasters. (Brand New Version for 2012)


Hey Guys! I've been building a whole bunch of coasters lately and thought to myself, "Hmm, I think my old coaster collection is getting outdated.. maybe I should make a new thread for my brand-new line of coasters! Biggrin"

My past friends here at RCTgo have witnessed all the great works I've done and that encouraged me to get back on track on creating some more to the new people here. Most of my work here will not be entered in the Build It! Competitions, but if I find a coaster of astounding quality that surpasses the usual expectations of the audience, it will sure be an entry. Happy

I'll regularly update this as I build and upload more coasters over the next few weeks, so keep it locked in here for notices.


#1 Velociraptor || Build It! Competion Round 87 Winner ||

[Image: tumblr_m0ad4fGpDY1rpllv7o1_1280.jpg?AWSA...XaLH0sw%3D]

[Image: tumblr_m0ad4fGpDY1rpllv7o2_1280.jpg?AWSA...6qHKl6g%3D]

- Download Here -


[Image: tumblr_lzrqp1ifxQ1rpllv7o1_500.jpg]
[Image: comp-3.gif]

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