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The Twilight Zone: Hospital Thirteen - WATCH THE MOVIE TODAY!

The Twilight Zone: Hospital Thirteen - Watch it Today

Thank you all for your support of this film. I greatly appreciate the feedback!

BREAKING NEWS: The Twilight Zone: Hospital Thirteen was featured as the "main event" of this week's Weekly Ambassador at Shyguy's World. Thanks SGW for the honor!

Below are a few unreleased screens from production. I'll be sharing more in the coming days.

[Image: 2lanw0.jpg]

On Halloween (Thursday), learn the fate of Hospital Thirteen.

[Image: 2qtv66b.jpg]

If you haven't already, watch The Twilight Zone: Hospital Thirteen below:

Please share your thoughts of the film after watching!

Stay tuned for more.
The Twilight Zone: Hospital Thirteen - Epilogue Update

Happy Halloween! Celebrate the holiday by watching the latest episode of The Twilight Zone: Hospital Thirteen!

[Image: bgu5wx.jpg]

Watch it below:

Hospital Thirteen to Fall Next Year

Quote:Officials announced today that the former Hospital Thirteen building would be razed early next year following a lengthy criminal investigation into alleged secret abortions that took place on the hospital's 13th floor. Developers who were planning to build an amusement park on the site have since withdrawn their plans, citing a lack of funding.

Investigators could not prove that three suspected doctors performed the abortions--each of the three doctors died of "natural causes" during the investigation, according to the coroner.

"I'm happy that this fiasco has finally concluded," said Jackie Tucker, whose daughter, Alice, was found dead on the 13th floor over six years ago. Her boyfriend, Harvey Stewart, was found guilty of first-degree murder and was executed three years ago.

"Anytime the building is mentioned, the wounds reopen," said Tucker. "I just want this chapter to conclude so that Alice's loved ones can continue to grieve and heal."

Thank you again for your support of the film.

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