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Nathan8848 parks

Samba Balloons. There are also a few dead links you may want to update.

Btw, I noticed you made Wind Seeker and New England SkyScreamer Rotodrops. Why? While obviously the game doesn't have the exact kind of ride they are(especially since they didn't exist yet when this game came out), surely someone's made a CFR you could use, or you could at least use Aileron or Barn Stormer. It especially felt redundant in KI, which already had the Drop Tower.
Barn Stormer, Aileron, and the WindSeeker are all really big and don't fit in the area that I had for it. My Worlds of Fun park uses the WindSeeker.
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I got ya. Btw I noticed Batman has a whopping 16.48 excitement rating. I ended up saving the track for that reason.
EDIT: I just noticed SFNE also uses the Red Baron/Mini jet ride.
Brandon's B&M makes all excitement rating sky high.
User Thread: https://forums.rctgo.com/thread-22640.html
Ah, I see. Btw, I have some suggestions for future parks you could do:
1. Walibi Belgium. You already did Walibi Holland, might as well do this one too.
2. New Jersey's infamous Action Park. I don't care if you do the current safe version or the infamously dangerous 80s version, just make sure to include the signature Cannonball Loop.
3. Nagashima Spa Land. I have yet to see a recreation of this famous Japanese park, home to Steel Dragon 2000 and one of the few Ultra Twisters left in operation, with its UT even having a 90 degree lift hill, setting it apart from its brethren with wimpy 45 degree lift hills.
Maybe a 2013(for The Smiler) or later Alton Towers too, if it hasn't been done yet, but I think it has. I also think you should do Carowinds, as others have suggested.
Is there a reason Michigan's Adventure is so big? It's like 22MB, and it causes my game to lag and occasionally crash, which is weird, both because MA isn't a very big park, and because SFNE is about the same amount if MB it doesn't give me as much lag as MA.

Also, on an unrelated note, do you have any cool recreations of real life parks you'd recommend I check out? Other than your own amazing recreations, of course, of which I intend to eventually get them all. I have KI, SFNE, SF Astroworld, SFGAdv, Walibi Holland, SFOT, and MA so far. You're probably the best recreator of real life parks out there, or at least the most dedicated, as I have yet to see anyone recreate as many parks as you do, and you do them so accurately too.

On a different note, is there a reason you used Spinning wild mouse over Spinning steel for the Pandemoniums? I think spinning steel would be better as it can bank and helix, like the real pandemoniums do.
Kings Dominion has waaaaaaaaaaaay to much CS to function properly. Every time I try to coastercam the game crashes, no matter how low I set the graphics. Do you think you could release a version with less CS? I'd probably remake dominator as a regular in game floorless coaster rather than the Brandon B&M Floorless CTR you seem to love so much, and replace most if not all of old spice's trees with regular old trees. That should probably reduce the lag significantly.

EDIT: I don't think your Dollywood CS list is complete. It's crashing while loading activate objects for me.
^ you sound like gorres.... whos first name was matthew.... suspicious
(Apr 24, 2016, 02:52 PM)Matthewtheman Wrote: EDIT: I don't think your Dollywood CS list is complete. It's crashing while loading activate objects for me.

Ditto for Geauga Lake
Updated list in the comments for Geauga Lake and Six Flags New England.

I give a warning on the Kings Dominion page that it lags, so I do let user's know.
User Thread: https://forums.rctgo.com/thread-22640.html

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