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NoLimits 2 Release Date Announced: January 10, 2014

After years of development, NoLimits 2 is almost here!

Taken directly from the NoLimits website:

Quote:After over 8 years of development, numerous burnouts, adding of countless features that were originally not planned, and 670,000 lines of code, we are proud to announce the official release date of NoLimits 2, finally.

NoLimits 2 will come out on January, 10th 2014

The NoLimits Development Team wishes all NoLimits users a Happy New Year 2014. Only 10 days left until the product will launch.

More screenshots and videos of the soon-to-be-released NoLimits 2 are available on the NoLimits website.
I just cannot wait for this, there are so many new options, coasters, and experiences in this game. I'll be first to release a download for this site! Smile
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This is awesome. FLYING COASTERS?????!!!!! Great.
I need a new signature.
I'm absolutely amazed. I was hoping this would be released three years ago but now with the release date in sight, I think it was well worth the wait. Maybe once I get this I'll come back here and make coasters again.
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(Dec 31, 2013, 06:00 PM)DorneyPark5 Wrote: I'll be first to release a download for this site! Smile
challenge accepted
Cant Wait for this!!!!!
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Man, a RCT4 that looked like this.... I would buy ANY computer I needed to play it at the highest settings.
TPS = Obsolete
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^ tps has been obsolete.....
actually ignore what i said if you get this error message just keep clicking clear and the park should load up

demo NO LIMITS 2 demo
full version NO LIMITS 2 FULL

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