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[WIP] [NL2] -=AussieMine=- Stormfly

Stormfly is a NL2 Mack Launch coaster, with (currently) 1 inversion, which is a weird corkscrew zero-g roll kind of thing, but that's it. I don't have much to say about it, I don't know why. It's based of the colours of the dragon in How to Train Your Dragon, which is a Deadly Natter

[Image: screenshot-2014-01-20-12-49-39_zpseca2a966.png]

[Image: screenshot-2014-01-20-12-52-52_zps0a7d2f28.png]

[Image: screenshot-2014-01-20-12-53-02_zps9c46d237.png]

[Image: screenshot-2014-01-20-12-49-03_zps7622a9b1.png]

[Image: screenshot-2014-01-20-12-53-07_zpsb5d3af15.png]

[Image: screenshot-2014-01-20-12-53-12_zps8dfb5724.png]

[Image: screenshot-2014-01-20-12-53-20_zpsd320e2f7.png]
yay! some no limits 2 on here, looks nice
[Image: 8lbd5Z7.png]
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