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build-it question

do you have to start a new build from the date the previous winner is announced and hope you can finish fast enough to be one of the first 4 entries or can you pull a d*ck move and instantly enter a coaster you finished a week ago?
You do not have to build the coaster within the 1 week time frame, you can work on a build for months if you wanted to, then enter it in
ohhh, awesome. might try and get my new coaster in, just need a video for it
It's all about presentation!
An PoV and/or Overview is an good idea to become an better preview about the Coaster and the stuff allround.
But if you want to make a Video, in my opinion its immportent to make it right!
So it's good to know how the Flying-Camera-Editor, exspecially the extended one, works in RCT3 to make nice smooth looking Videos, An PoV video is the easieriest thing, because you have only one thing to do -> deactivate the Ingame Interface with "David Walsh"-Cheat and activate the ingame recorder Tongue
Additional to the visual work is the audio. Videos without music are totally boring in my eyes and with the right music style you can push an nice Coaster into an great one Smile

As an example for music, i searched more than a week for the right background musics for my "Cabracán" Floorless-Cpaster, because in the nd i wanted to send the viewer into the whole theming, in my case Mayan/Aztecs.

Away from this Video-Thing, for "build-it" it's also necessary to make alot of screens. In the past i saw so much entries with maybe 2-3 screens, or they made enough pics, maybe 7-8 but without an complete overview or strange camera angles so we cant see really much how the track goes.
An Layout/Overview is importent, i think. Also an good option is to take pictures on different day/night times, you can create amazing screens with an sunset/sunrise in the background Wink

It dosen't matter how much time you spend into your coaster (hours/days/months), importent is if you ant to enter -> fast enough to get in Smile and that the Coaster was "NOT" been up for an download before build-it
So if you think about to enter an coaster to build-it, you can make the same as for "Kodama" an WIP-Thread so we can see/follow your progress if you want that and than you can try to enter build-it.

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think i will go back to kodama then and do all the little things that i neglected initially. then i will have a play around with the flying camera and see if i can get a good video put together

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