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Questions about "TPS"

If I purchase this game while still in beta/ alpha do I still have to buy the game when the whole version comes out? If I go and purchase this game right now on steam, do I need to pay again when everything is done? Also, can somebody tell me if there is going to be a water park expansion pack? When will there be a mac version of this game/alpha/beta be released?

Future Imagineer
sommerman1....I'm trying to find out if I'll need to purchase another version once the TPS software is complete. roccoa coasters was right when said "this phase of development it's practailly useless." (there isn't really a lot of things like you can do yet) In some ways I wish I had saved my $30.00 until the full version came out. But I was curious so I got it early. For you it sounds like I would wait until the full release, but I don't know or how much it would be. It's fun working with a new software, but can be a headache sometimes when its this early in the "game" (sorry, couldn't resist the pun If there is an upgrade in the future, I will be upgrading the game. But when I don't know. I'll keep updating as I know more.

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