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~Patzelwurm~ Silv 'n' Toof

In the Alpine forests of East Switzerland lives a beast of enigma...

[Image: 8v1uSyx.jpg][/img]

The villagers so scared, so terrified, they stayed below Stollen Mountain forever.

[Image: 2BlARr1.jpg]

'Don't go out, stay indoors!' The villagers say. 'Stay here, or go away... Whatever you do, don't go up that way...'

[Image: k57Nyad.jpg]

Pointing to the mountain, with the forest and plateau, lives a beast, rarely seen, yet here, anything but un-known.

[Image: KYUoZFs.jpg]

Scientists, explorers, and hikers all go up there... but then..

[Image: Uux979c.jpg]

They are never, ever, seen again.

[Image: ex7LMo0.jpg]

In the shadow of stollen mountian, there is a misty town called stollenwurm

[Image: SqBIpkA.png]

Haunted, every night, by the ghastly patzelwurm.

[Image: 9qWVKDW.png]

Toof:OMFGGG!!!1111! Toof made something? I made something? Silv :Shut the eggplant upI did most of it.
this looks cool
[Image: 8lbd5Z7.png]
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omg look so cool Smile i love classic woodies keep up the good work..
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A couple screens from the work Silv has done.
I am in love with this park file, I shall never let it go!

[Image: 2emgdqr.jpg]

[Image: 21o357c.jpg]

[Image: 2vjopqe.jpg]

[Image: nx8jud.jpg]

[Image: 5tut0.jpg]

[Image: 24fcyns.jpg]

A quick update on whats happening, and whats left to do:

Supports: 80% complete (need to support final airtime hill and helix)
scenery 95% complete ( couple of minor details to add, including some lighting)
The rest is pretty much finished, including the structures, layout and the wonderful, glorious foliage Silvarret has mastered.
I see you used the Expedition Everest set here.
Espero estar en la competición Build-It de nuevo!

Mi voto fue atado entre las dos primeras, y Siege ganó mi voto Biggrin
Lez get some more comments here guys!!

I find your in-ability to amuse me... depressing.
Amazing, nothing more to say!
"Patzelwurm" what a name, really funny Biggrin

You two did a great job on this, i'm excited to see the finished project!

Soo long, Cobra Cool
Keep it everytime fair and with enough respect for each other!

I find your in-ability to amuse me... depressing.

A little appreciation would be nice. Smug
I find your in-ability to amuse me... depressing.
I liked how the music aligned with the ride, and the buildings are fantastic. The ride seemed a little repetitive though, with those banked sloped curves.
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