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Premier LIM Coaster Competition - Submissions

Welcome to PioneerRock's Premier LIM competition and this will be official because the winner for each round will get 7 Rep from ME!


Rule 1.) Your coaster must be built in the file download at the bottom.

Rule 2.) You may build over the terrain.

Rule 3.) You may build path over the terrain.

Rule 4.) You may NOT change the terrain.

Rule 5.) You may build things like Flat Rides for your coasters. BUT MAKE SURE IT LOOKS REALISTIC!!!!!

Rule 6.) You may use CSO and CTRs.

Rule 7.) You make terraform (Rocks, Sand, etc.)

Rule 8.) On this thread, please post three photos of your ride when you finish.

Rule 8.5.) You must post birds-eye photos of your ride.

Rule 9.) You must add "Premier LIM Comp" in the title for your thread.

Rule 9.5) Once you post it, please link your thread in your reply to this thread.

Rule 10.) All coasters must be submitted as quick as you can finish for voting.

Rule 11.) You can enter or drop out any time, there is no limit to the number of contestants.

Any questions about the competition? Ask me through PM!

Links now.
Premier LIM CTR: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/11340
Park for building in: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/11341

Thanks for reading! Cool
-PioneerRock :P
Hi everyone! I build great RCT3 coasters, even though I have kind of lost interest in the game.

I'll only do this if, if I win, you sub to me on youtube.
                                                           Total coasters ridden: 66
Soon to be more. Cedar Point, Silver Dollar City, and Six flags St. Louis are all upcoming for me. Also possibly Kings Island!

I would love to enter but I suck at LIMsFrown
i still get track error uninitialized track section from ctr
@Slurpee_Man All right, it's a deal.

@SFFTman That's okay, just try your best! Smile

@v1210 If the CTR does not work, then just use the LIM Launched Coaster from the game.
Hi everyone! I build great RCT3 coasters, even though I have kind of lost interest in the game.

Ooh! I'm gonna enter. I should really make something for a competition besides Build-It.
Projects: More to come. Cool

Vote: Silver Hill Mine Ride
ok i liked the ctr better tho lol

so collab SFFTman ?well suck together

and the ingame one does say LIM Launched Coaster or is it something else?

im SYONE999 on Skype
Can I enter NoLimits coasters?
Espero estar en la competición Build-It de nuevo!

Mi voto fue atado entre las dos primeras, y Siege ganó mi voto Biggrin
i want to enter Biggrin
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