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Poll: Which is better?
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Riiickerttt - The Bandit
1 100.00%
Surge - FantasyParksLtd
0 0%
Total 1 vote(s) 100%
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RCTgo Build-It Winner Battles!!! Round 1

Hi everyone!!! This is a thread battle thing for Build-It winners!!! I will choose some of the best to compete. So anyways, here are the first two winner contestants:

Surge by FantasyParksLtd.


The Bandit by Riiickerttt

Okay, vote for who you like! We have one week to vote.[/size]
Espero estar en la competición Build-It de nuevo!

Mi voto fue atado entre las dos primeras, y Siege ganó mi voto Biggrin

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