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Design an Invert 3

hello. im in. and back in rct3.
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hmm.. i'm game but as always i got questions pm you tommorrow
Just an FYI for people here, Toofpikk tends to be more active at SGW so if you have accounts there feel free to let him know on the thread there http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/to...64.30.html also i would hurry up cause sign ups end on September 30th
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Thanks for covering me Colts!

Seeing as 5 of you from here have entered I will try and keep active here. Just to let you know the deadline for entries has been dropped and you have unlimited entries too!
I find your in-ability to amuse me... depressing.
have you got rid of the deadline or just made the deadline sooner?
Deadline is the same, the entry deadline has been removed.
I find your in-ability to amuse me... depressing.
ok im in i was worried id be in hospital but im doing better so .... Yeah all you other 34..35 your done quit now and ill go easy
im only doing 1 entry is that ok?
"while pandemonium ruled at LINTOPIA ENTERTAINMENT CORPORATION over where to begin construction of the DAI3 project for
Lord & Lady Toofpikk's Competition,Dr Anotolli Boldfinger arranged for a grant of land outside Birmingham England from who else THE QUEEN herself lol. In a bold groundbreaking ceremony THE GREAT ONE promised England a party the likes of which it may never forget. The BBC will be following this project closely with live updates during the upcoming flurry of construction activity.

ill post in shy as soon as i recall my password senililty ah well

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