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Design a Wingrider! contest D.A.W. 1

http://forums.rctgo.com/thread-18577.html <- Making a rebirth of this contest in a different way.

Rules rules rules!
- Your coaster should be a wingrider of course! (Intamin and B&M Wingriders are allowed)
- You may build as large as you like.
- Make sure you add as much as you can to your coaster.
- You may build flat rides along side of the wingrider.
- Custom tracks are allowed as long as it's an original layout.
- All CSO is allowed
- Terraforming is allowed
- You must post a link to your thread here with the 5 minimum pictures you want to be included in the voting thread. You must also post a link to your thread and video if you have them (both are not mandatory, but highly recommended).
- You must post a birds-eye view of your coaster as like I said above, 5 minimum selected screen shots to show your completed coaster.
- Please follow these rules.
- You must have your entry submitted by December 5th.
- Competitors can sign up right until the 5th of Decembr, so it's never too late to join.

Judge: chimalion70005

1.) Guy_With_A_Stick
2.) ProdigyRider
3.) Christopher

Prizes? There will be Smile
Only the 3 best will get the prizes.
3rd = 1 subscriber (assuming you have youtube, if not we will sort something else out)
2nd = 2 subscribers or the RCT3 Prize: A collab with me (If you want to)
1st = 3 subscribers and the collab prize. Smile

P.S. Have fun, and get building!
I need a new signature.
i had a wing coaster that was unreleased but i released it seconds before i saw this post can i still enter?
^Yes, you have until December 5th to finish and possibly improve it.
I need a new signature.
k then my entry so far is: http://youtu.be/hhQtZDIlssg
aerial view
[Image: DPzet0e.png]
^Nice, but change it a few times, and it had 10 Inversions, the max is 7.
I need a new signature.
Really? This is what I mean Chima, too lazy to go make your own competitions so steal mine?
I find your in-ability to amuse me... depressing.
^Steal yours? How is it stealing?
I need a new signature.
Let me show you nice and simply. Incase you didn't already realise. (you'd have to be ridiculously dimb to pull that off though)

The original DAI1 thread:
[Image: 63bbb27032cbb3bcbd968e98e85fbbb8.png]
Your thread:
[Image: 968280cfcd6980e47c0c38c32ec7f3e4.png]

(right click on images and select new tab option to expand)

Seriously Chima. For christ's sake we tell you all you need to get by and you can't follow one of the 2 most simple rules.

You have literally changed 5 words in the whole thing, the formatting is the same, the title is the same, and you even used DAI exclusive mark schemes? I give up.
It took me 2 years to get DAI to become so popular. I just hope you give your little stealing act up soon or I'll watch your competitions crash and burn.
I find your in-ability to amuse me... depressing.
Wow, you're so mean. FINE! I WILL JUST CHANGE IT
I need a new signature.
really chim? really?

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