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{WIP} Launched Arrow Looper - Concept

hey, so heres a new little concept idea that i thought of in the shower and it seemed interesting.
its a launched arrow looper. i think its a cool concept because arrow never made launched coasters besides their shuttles. right now i just have a 65mph launch right out of the station which leads into a loop - inspired by tennessee tornado and then it goes into a turn thingy. thats it for now. im not really sure what to do at this point, but i wanna keep the track relatively short. any ideas for the track would help. also i need some help choosing a color: choose your favorite!

color combo #1
metal rails, with a dark black color for the track & supports
[Image: nQ4XvMS.png]
[Image: ePfME7y.png]

metal rails, with a gray color for the track & supports
[Image: 8r2VGeN.png]
[Image: kUo2BxD.png]

red/pinkish track, with a dark black color for supports
[Image: UINVC7R.png]
[Image: JIHdD1o.png]

more should come soon, also i plan to do more 3ds work with this Wink
I am loving those supports lol. It looks great. Can't wait to see more.
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