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NoLimits 1 2nd coaster - pictures - need name

2nd coaster - pictures - need name
The station was an in-game option.
The night sky was created in the simulator options.
This should be a wooden coaster unless I selected the wrong options.
Learning. Used auto-supports (adjusted a few options).
I thought I changed the colors of the coaster, but for some reason it didn't change.
Help with that please. Thanks.
Trees were scenery options in the game, but didn't have to many to choose from.
Learning how to use the NoLimits Terraformer.
Yes, I am watching tutorials on youtube.
fyi: with the night sky, I like the white color for the coaster...Good contrast. Smile

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How about, "White Lightning"?
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(Mar 12, 2015, 06:12 PM)Maverick360 Wrote: How about, "White Lightning"?

I like it. I'll probably have to make another version of the coaster. I deleted it accidentally and forgot to back it up. So when I re-create it, I'll use the name you suggested and give you credit for it. Thanks.Smile

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