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This is Triland, Triland will be the first ever themepark i will have ever made. It will consist of 3 main areas, each with 1 main attraction, 1 or 2 flat rides, and a handful of shops and eating places.

Area 1 is already complete. The main attraction in this area is Noctua, a mellow kiddie coaster for the young enthusiasts. flat rides include Firefly, an extreme ride that twists and spins guests in every direction, and Swan Lake: one of two water rides in the park, guests can paddle around the lake at their leisure and take in the surroundings.

work on Area 2 has been started but not much has happened. a layout for the main attraction has been built but i a not 100% happy with it, i will most likely be changing the layout drastically. Area 2 will consist of a water coaster and will have a pirate theme

work on Area 3 will start after the completion of area 2, this area will be getting a roman theme and a dueling coaster as the main attraction, these coasters will be called 'Romulus' and 'Remus'.

Area 1 - Black Forrest

[Image: QxQ2jGU.png]

[Image: rapVw5U.png]

[Image: WklmwQt.png]

[Image: zO1sh5p.png]

[Image: rFZ4JSe.png]

[Image: pOF59x0.png]

[Image: CfTGrls.png]

Area 1 download: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/12898
I have a raging eye candy erection.

These designs are GORGEOUS. I really, really like what I am seeing.

I Can't wait to see how beautiful those B&M coasters turn out Smile
[Image: caldercitycoasters_zps4ade4f3e.png]
The amount of detail and scenery you put into the park so far is incredible. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see Area 2!
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Hello,were I can found "Wodan CT (PEP 2 add-on)",Thank's!
(Mar 17, 2015, 06:08 AM)LORDDRAGON Wrote: Hello,were I can found "Wodan CT (PEP 2 add-on)",Thank's!

i cant find a working link to the download. i will try and upload the pack to rct.go or another file sharing site

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