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First Park Project

Hello people! This is my first park I have started since I entered the "RCT3 Community" (Yesterday lol). So here Is what I started off with, took me 6 hours to buld because I didn't know what every set did so I went looking through all of them and chose the ones that seemed cool. Anyways, I hope you enjoy these pics. Update coming soon.

Parking Lot
[Image: Shot0094_zpseiokfm6m.png]

Another Picture of the parking lot.
[Image: Shot0095_zpslvwfptxk.png]

Entrance to the park
[Image: Shot0097_zpswknryl2l.png]

A closer look at the entrance
[Image: Shot0101_zps17s4id8o.png]

Some random restaurant I made
[Image: Shot0098_zps6flh8gix.png]

Another Pic of the entrance
[Image: Shot0096_zpsqafrrp0l.png]

Roller Coaster that Is being built
[Image: Shot0100_zps4mtysihl.png]

Another Pic of the Roller Coaster with the restrooms under it
[Image: Shot0099_zpszzwoqktp.png]

Ill put the braces for the catwalks in a further update. Also, can any of you suggest a name for the park. Also, really appreciate any feedback Smile

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