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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Golden Point Boardwalk

I'm fairly new to this forum, and I'm already announcing my first project on RCT 3. It's going to be a park located in Carolina Beach, NC called "Golden Point Boardwalk." It will consist mainly of two smaller parks:
  • Tempest Waters (Pool and Waterpark)
  • Coral Pier (Midway Boardwalk with Thrill Rides and Coasters)
So far, I've only started thinking up rides for Coral Pier, but I'm really excited about the park. Like I said though - I'm fairly new to this forum and RCT 3 in general. I just want some tips about making good parks. I'm very aware of CS though, and I mostly just want help with making custom billboard images. PM me if you're interested.

The park will be right on the coast, and "The Silver Albatross," a larger coaster in Coral Pier will even be completely located on the water.

I hope someone is interested in helping me with billboards and such, but I will post more updates as the park takes shape.
I would contact Blu. He is a great designer in so many ways. Here is his info on this site: http://forums.rctgo.com/user-11453.html
He is a graphic designer and helps many people out. Just send him a pm. (just a suggestion)
By the way, welcome. Look forward to seeing updates on your progress with your project.
Thanks, I'll look into it. I started construction yesterday - coming along nicely.

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