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Nave's (naveisawesome) official project chat thingy

New video, dark ride(ish) thing, not a super amazing coaster but a cool concept I think
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

Next Six Flags Nave vid, it was half fun half horrible watching 300 peeps leave the park
Monstrosity is almost there!
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

I'm back, its been like 3 months, cause life gets in the way, but its nice to finally build again, I missed all you guys
This was like a warm-up video for me almost
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

All I can say to last round of build it is oof
But the full park download is here for those who want it: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/seaside...file.18198
And here's the long awaited POV: https://youtu.be/2_wH0NvDEjs

Nave Smile
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

All I can say that needs improvement at this moment is your layout skills. They're not the worst layouts I've ever seen, no way, but this particularly could still use a bit of work. First thing I'd do is eliminate the second chainlift altogether. Then you could go on from there.

All around, this was a pretty good entry to build it in a surprising return! Keep up the good work, Nave.
Resuming regularly scheduled programming!
(Sep 3, 2015, 04:15 PM)naveisawesome Wrote: The third and final part of my building of the fire/medieval themed 3-way dueling corkscrew coaster Assurance dépendance: Hydra!

(I'm entering build it with another dueling coaster next round)

Thanks for sharing. It's really cool of you.

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