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NoLimits 2 1st Wooden RC No Limits 2 WIP Update thread

1st Wooden RC No Limits 2 WIP (I don't have a name for the coaster, fyi: it's a short ride for my first one).
Lot of things to work on but here is a screenshot.
Timberliner (wooden coaster I believe is the name)
Need to fix up a few things or add. Not ready to show the pov yet.
I did this after watching 2 tutorials a few times. (or, I may do a few more and post screenshots to show how I'm improving. I think a POV at this point is to early. I will use this thread to update.

[Image: 0XL6ZXt.jpg]

This is the station I used - a station made by NoLimits 2 options Not crazy about the lights on the roof.
[Image: b16KsQJ.jpg]

I've learned the very basics and still need to learn a lot more, like adding queues, etc and different scenery besides the trees. But after 2 days of having the program, I think I'm at a good start wouldn't you agreeSmile

After testing the coaster, the lateral G's are to high....and I'm having trouble with the break run and transport section. Back to the drawing board, more tutorials and practice! Looks nice, but I could tell by the way it was running it wasn't realistic, not safe and so not putting on YouTube yet. Biggrin

Some of my favorite features: G-Force Comb - you can put this on to see if your G' Forces are in the red zone. You can adjust them so they won't cause "black out." Type Separator has a few different options and it's nice having them in one menu section (track, station, brake, lift, storage, etc). Another handy little feature Add Roll....helps with banking and other things. No Limits 2 so much better then RCT3 for making Roller Coasters. Nothing worse than doing all of that work only to find out the G-Forces are off the charts. Now I can adjust it while I'm making the coaster which is awesome!
Wow, compared to my first NL2 coaster in March of 2014, that's great Biggrin
I need a new signature.
(May 23, 2015, 10:06 PM)chimalion70005 Wrote: Wow, compared to my first NL2 coaster in March of 2014, that's great Biggrin

Thanks. Smile
Lake Side (Terrain Options in No Limits 2) (small lake I made)
[Image: 868tiKB.jpg]
Looking great! (But don't put trees in water)
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(May 24, 2015, 06:51 AM)Maverick360 Wrote: Looking great! (But don't put trees in water)

Thanks, and :I'll be more careful with that next time. Smile

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