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Poll: What should i do to the retro street
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Restart it and fit into the park
1 100.00%
Just paste the old retro street
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Total 1 vote(s) 100%
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{WIP} NineFlagsinc Warner Brothers Studios Park

Hello everyone I'm back with some great news. The Nineflags Team has been working hard the last two days on one of ours news park call Warner Brothers Studios Park. So far we only work on the entrances plaza and the start of the Main Street. i hope u like the pictures and i will be poster every other day. of the park and also stay turn because we have a big announcement of our current project. thanks and enjoy the picture..

[Image: Gqd9BnE.png]

[Image: 0ulUV1F.png]

[Image: 5D2DMVU.png]

[Image: GA0Rb7a.png]

[Image: 4I0wAtK.png]

[Image: S4PRy5g.png]

[Image: 76TLz3n.png]

[Image: NBznzBW.png]

[Image: XYErvqp.png]

[Image: cb8Virq.png]

[Image: L3McxeS.png]

[Image: q3uCmMJ.png]

[Image: 5GNGdcQ.png]

[Image: u3Sk0K9.png]
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]
Glad to see you back at it Nine Flags! This looks great!
In my opinion, this is really good. The entrance is amazing and I like the modern style and colors. The use of trees and paths are good. Something I'm still learning. Look forward to the continued updates.Smile
just a small update i'm currently working on the retro street. i hope to finish this park tonight.. hope u like it and leave a comment below.

[Image: Nnp1nWm.png]

[Image: eunYYbe.png]

[Image: 9dwvJzf.png]

[Image: UbRHScU.png]

[Image: 95dvNLH.png]

[Image: d4LmwCV.png]

[Image: DiLFFvK.png]

[Image: HkIzCDT.png]

[Image: EVlZSVx.png]

[Image: 1hrrHii.png]
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]
hello everyone today update is very small. i been really busy this weekend and i haven't really had time to play Rct3. so i wanted to at least fill you in on the project. im 70% done with the retro street i still have to finish the outside building beside that i want to give your the run down of what im planing for this park.
next update: retro street finish and Hard Rock City starting.
2nd update: Hard rockin roller coaster Featuring : The Red Hot Chillipepers
3rd update Lego the Ride: dark shooting ride
4th update Studio block.
5th Cartoon network Studio tour.
6th Red bull World
7th Dc universe
that what coming up next hope u guys enjoy the pictures.. see u next update
[Image: y7ucrZB.png]

[Image: 1UNxS2h.png]

[Image: kzFUjHW.png]

[Image: wWch44n.png]

[Image: JUJCIbN.png]

[Image: xrpiZI1.png]

[Image: HiMEGTh.png]
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]
hello everyone so today i started to work on the first ride of the park is sadly not done but i wanted to show off the ride and to be so honest i don't know why i try to hyped this ride up so much :Smile but enjoy the pictures and this Friday i will be live streaming the park and it progress and much more hope u like the pictures and also next week i will not be posting due to me going out of town so yea :T but i make sure these next days i will be working my butt off... well see u guys next update and thanks for all the comments... Biggrin now presenting The Hard Rock Rollercoaster... featuring Red hot Chili peppers

[Image: nbgPVh7.png]

[Image: gHdqi3s.png]

[Image: EPLJvwy.png]

[Image: U8dJFoU.png]

[Image: tgSOdjJ.png]

[Image: KKxWVQ0.png]

loading station 2% done :T
[Image: PVpyfXA.png]

[Image: 7Dv1war.png]
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]
Was up everyone. sorry i haven't post anything new with the park. well guess what im back Biggrin so i know your asking what going on with the park or what going on with Hard Rocking Roller coaster Well some good new after making the the Retro street i look at the entrance of the park and thought it was pretty ugly compare to the main street so i restarted the entrance and i like it so far. it not all the way down but i will be working on it very slow. well enjoy the picture and also i plan for the park to open late 2016 early 2017. i know long time but i want to give you guys a great park. so enjoy and see u next update..

[Image: TsKoncp.png]
sneak peek of the monorail station that will take u to the other parks and Resorts not completed

[Image: ONB4mdu.png]
inspired by the old California sign that use to be in front of the Disney California Adventures

[Image: 0HrEt18.png]
the Bag checking section for the buses and parking lot trams not completed

[Image: 1ZqpkLb.png]
the studio not completed

[Image: kftxYHj.png]

[Image: B9A11Lp.png]
more of the station

[Image: 5D2DMVU.png]
[Image: aoxS120.png]

see you next update..
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]
Awesome! Are we still working together on this?
I need a new signature.
(Jul 9, 2015, 09:05 AM)chimalion70005 Wrote: Awesome! Are we still working together on this?
at the moment I'm doing by my self sorry..
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]
So today i just finish the main entrance gate of the park and i think is pretty good. so next I'm thinking about restarting the Retro street to fit the entrance. if u think i should ill make a poll.. but here some pictures of the entrance it's not done i need to still work on the monorail station,foliage and lighting packages. but hope u enjoy the pictures and tomorrow i will post the monorail station and a sneak peak of Rocking Roll Roller coaster.

[Image: 1f5REhD.png]

[Image: UBWQaBx.png]

[Image: DrHPp2R.png]

[Image: bZgy9zE.png]

[Image: 1fo3JP2.png]

[Image: PjoN3hI.png]

[Image: bJ6fN9t.png]

[Image: FuLchiJ.png]

[Image: 5OSYhHv.png]

[Image: LcYQ6g5.png]

[Image: 3DFShvy.png]

[Image: g1NMxze.png]

[Image: LPdzoXm.png]

[Image: vTZypny.png]
[Image: logo_214894_web_zps05a2499c.jpg]

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