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I ask a favor....

Seriously, Nobody uses the comment section of any page these days.

I mean, I bet not just myself but ANY rctgo user would appereciate other users commenting on their projects. People want to get feedback to see what they do good and what they need improvement on. This is not just a post for myself, but for all rctgo users.
you have a point, its probably cause if you wanna download something you click download, and try it out, and cause you want to download more stuff, you don't bother leaving a comment, cause then you'll have to do that on every single one
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

if you want comments on projects then id recommend making a thread for it
Drew_ is right, if people want more and/or specific Feedback about there creations, they should open up a thread and showing some screens of it.

Also one thing to remeber, no comment doesn't mean no feedback.
I'll give most of my thoughts via a PM, because of the reason that some people can't understand my view.
So before i explain everytime again that i see the game on a more "realistic" way, i wrote a PM and give my feedback this way.

Another thing is that most of us are bored of only basic things that are looking like when the game was released. There's no reason to comment on such uploads.

You get what you give and a lot of members here are hiding in the shadows.
They upload only there stuff but aren't post anything else here.
So we don't reconize these members, so why we should care about there work?!
Especially if the creations are only basic and less interesting for most of us.

It would help a lot if these people would intigrate thereselfes more into our community.

So long, Cobra
Keep it everytime fair and with enough respect for each other!
I agree with nave, the download number is the most powerful way to tell. If people download it, then they like it.
User Thread: https://forums.rctgo.com/thread-22640.html
I usually look at the download number so I agree with nathan8848. Not everyone always comments on my work either. But I look at the download numbers and that puts a smile on my face knowing people like my work. I also made a RCT3 thread for my work and NoLimits 2. People have left feedback and others have pm me.

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