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Build an alliance Nominations (Forum game)

Ok, The first two people to post the word "ME" on this thread get to be leaders. Then another thread will be made where the two leaders post nifty little posts to persuade and market to people to get them to join them and help support their fictitious club. Then the other forum goers (Non-leaders), will select the club they want to join on a poll in the next thread. The leader who's club gets most members after 3 days wins, and, gets 6 reputation points.

Your clubs features can be what ever you want. For example: Join my club because we own an endless ski-lift, and, a trampoline that bounces you into the sun.

Lets get some leaders!
ME ME ME ME (Sorry, RCTgo said I couldn't post ME, because it's "too short)
Coasters = great! My home parks? I live about 40 minutes from Flamingo Land, about 50 minutes from Lightwater Valley, and about 2 hours from Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
It's ME!!! Chima
I need a new signature.
Done and done! We have our leaders!

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