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Chimalion's Raging Waves Resort: In Progress

Raging Waves Resort!

JoshImagineer's Raging Waves Resort is a new park, based in the Midwest area. It is not a huge park, but simply a water park, and some other appetizing rides, with a small hotel in the front. Right now, the hotel (which is the entrance) is the only thing built. This park is not supposed to be a huge park, and I even tore out about half of the hotel because of this, it seemed way to big. Tomorrow, or some other time within the next couple of days, a teaser will pop up, but that will have to be after I start on the lobby area. For now, you can look at the shots (and I had to retake each one like 3 times). I have worked hard on this, and here it is.

[Image: SrA7ni.jpg]

[Image: 76sC75.jpg]

[Image: 2Np3w9.jpg]
^In this photo, some of the walls glitched out so you can't see a few of them.
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A good start.
Update 2 is in development, so here are some teasers:

[Image: HoX240E.jpg]

[Image: JKo1ohl.jpg]

[Image: Ifw5MfM.jpg]

Stay Tuned! Smile
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