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NoLimits 2 Cheapest way to buy NL2?

I have the deluxe versions of all 3 RCT games, and a free copy of NL1 but with limited features. I want to get NL2 but I can't find it for any lower than $40. I would greatly appreciate any help in finding the cheapest way to purchase or acquire NL2.
Hack a bank, steal money, buy game.
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Wow chima please don't promote stealing.

Just buy it, I've heard it's hard to play but when you learn it's worth it!
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too bad there arent sites named thepiratebay or kickasstorrents, if those existed you could probably get it for free there
Wait for black Friday, that's when I got my copy!
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If you go to the NoLimits 2 website sometimes they have coupons, and other specials.
Here is the link: http://www.nolimitscoaster.com/buynow.php
There are also demo/trial versions, but it is limited on what you can do.
I would stay away from illegal copies.

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