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2017 Roller Coasters Discussion Thread

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Quote:Next we have Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I think this will be the year that they have another coaster removed. I think this year they will remove Pandemonium and the Go-Karts for a family ride expansion, sorry rccoa and SFFTman.

Honestly, Pandemonium can die in a hole for all I care. Tongue  Expansion on the boardwalk sounds great!
theres talks of a strata at port adventura i believe.... but im not 100%
Yeah, the port adventura strata is confirmed, but its only 300 ft.
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^ then its not a strata its a giga
Here is an updates list for 2017 predictions!

Cedar Fair
  • Cedar Point: Triotech Dark Ride, since they are getting Valravn.
  • Carowinds: Vortex becomes that Floorless coaster like Mantis becoming Rougarou.
  • Dorney Park: They've been kinda slow lately, so I think 2017 will be seeing a GCI Woodie in a random location, or it might replace Dinosaurs Alive.
  • Michigan's Adventure: After looking up some things, I don't think Michigan's Adventure will get anuthing.
  • Canada's Wonderland: They will get Ziz. It will probably be a B&M coaster, and it will go in the old locations of Mighty Minebuster and SkyRider.
  • Kings Island: Nothing much. Probably a smaller flat ride in preparation for a 2018 B&M Giga.
  • Kings Dominion: B&M Hyper or Wingrider in the huge prepared area that will stretch to the park entrance, replacing the old one with a Cedar Point/Carowinds type style. I also predict it will have a cool element over the new entrance, and Dominator will be closed for a little while but re-open after construction finishes.
Six Flags
  • Six Flags Great Adventure: Justice League Dark Ride in the old Batman and Robin: The Chiller building because they don't have a dark ride that isn't a roller coaster. (That excludes Dark Knight and Skull Mountain)
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain: A much needed expansion of family rides all around the park.
  • Six Flags Great America (My Home Park) Biggrin : I picture a Larson Super Loop coming into the Ragin' Cajun location (Finally we are getting a new flat ride).
  • Six Flags Fiesta Texas: Family rides to replace Pandemonium and the Boardwalk. Pandemonium gets relocated to another place like the one at Discovery Kingdom did.
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Probably something small like a pair of Flying Scooters since they got The Joker.
  • Six Flags Over Georgia: Premier Sky Rocket II in the old Deja Vu location or the RMC treatment to Georgia Cyclone (It truly needs it, it is currently my least favorite coaster)
  • Six Flags New England: The second Justice League dark ride of the year, with the first being at Great Adventure. 
  • Six Flags America: The Roar RMC Treatment came to SFDK, so I think they will get a Frisbee ride or a HUSS Top Spin (Hopefully not anything relocated from my home park  Angry )
Independent Parks
  • Hershey Park: Falcon's Fury Style Drop Tower seems like a nice option.
  • Dollywood: They will have just gotten Lightning Rod, so probably some family rides.
Busch Gardens
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg: A new animal exhibit or a Funtime flat ride in the Ireland section.
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Bay: Nothing much, probably some new shows.
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