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Welcome to RCTgo 5.0

Hi all,

After about 30 minutes of downtime, RCTgo is back online and completely refreshed. RCTgo now features a brand new design. Though familiar in its layout, the entire website was redesigned from the ground up to fully modernize the entire website. Every page was carefully redesigned to work not just on desktop PCs but on tablets and smartphones, too. For a highlight of some of the updated pages, check out the launch announcement from yesterday.

If you find anything that doesn't seem to look quite right, please mention it in this thread or in a new thread within the Public Relations forum and I'll look into the issue.

Enjoy the new RCTgo! Smile

i like it 8)
Text and everything seems a bit big. I have to zoom out of my original setting for only this site.
User Thread: https://forums.rctgo.com/thread-22640.html
I like the top of the page with the drop down menus. The over all style and theme I like, but some sections seem too large and long. When you are making a post, changing the font size is a little frustrating.
I have these boxes everywhere
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Feels a little stretched on PC; is there an app for this forum?
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it does feel very stretched, but otherwise i like it
[Image: ZCL35lY.jpg]

Love it! It is a bit big, but other than that, PERFECTION! (Even drew likes it, wow)
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This looks lovely! Great job! I must get a new profile pic I guess...
I need a new signature.
I don't like the fact that all the information about the user looks like it's part of the post. But other than that it looks pretty good!
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